About me ❤


Welcome to my Blog!!

I’m Evi Pappa 25% wife, 25% housewife (what to do…), 50% artistic free spirit….buuuut Mother 100% my favourite!!!!

I have an incredible son who is only 6 months old and he’s just my absolutely everything!!! He’s my sunshine and makes my days brighter!!

Although I’m a crazy mum my actual passion is art and sharing my positive energy through making jewellery! I actually use ANY material that I come across  because I’m too curious to try it!!

I just absolutely adore polymer clay with which I make small miniatures and unique beads!! However I also use leather, suede, wire , feathers , leaves, wood, fabric in fact Everything!!

Born with inexhaustible optimism for life regardless of what is happening around me  my Blog’s goal is to share my creations with you but also to share my views and ideas of how to make your world a better place improving  your life!!

I’m not an adept expert but I read a lot, I attend seminars and I’m trying to be happy 365 days a year!!! Let’s improve our worlds sharing the journey!!

With love and light


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